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Fiber DSL

Fiber DSL is a Fixed Telecom Operator which is authorized by T.R Telecommunication Institution to provide land line telephone service and internet service. In addition, we will start necessary procedures to provide GSM services and we aim at providing GSM services with our own brand and numbers as a Virtual Mobile Operator in the near future.

We provide high quality fiber internet access with lightning speed using our own infrastructure and HD quality land line service.

Making interconnection with the leading telecom operators in the world, service providers and carriers, we provide telecom operators with CLI guaranteed Voice service with stable price and high quality almost all over the world.

Our Strategic Priorities

To make a difference with communication and technological solutions, to make the life easier and proper
To grow with developing our fiber infrastructure and with increasing sound and data usage in communication activity,
To develop our international interconnection agreements and to enlarge our international market,
To establish and develop our wide fiber optic infrastructure, to grow in telecommunication sector with making a difference among telecom companies
To provide GSM, land line and internet access services together
To grow with making use of opportunities in communication, technology and new lines of business in domestic and international markets.

Our licenses

Internet Service Provider Service
Fixed Line Service
Virtual Mobile Network Service

Inspector Institution

T.R Information and Communication Technologies Authority

Global connectivity for your voice services

Fiber DSL became one of the important operators in international wholesale voice market and carries high volume of traffic to especially the Middle East and CIS countries. In addition, our firm has considerable roles in termination of traffic of International Telecom operators in Turkey.

Advantages granted:

Redundant routes and quality
parameters monitoring (ASR, ACD, NER);
Flexible billing process adapted to
different currencies and billing cycles;

VoIP or TDM interconnection;
24/7 professional help desk services for operators.
Quality routing ensuring steady levels for Answer-to-Seizure Ratio price stability
Quaranteed transmission transparency for Calling Line Identification (CLI) and fax
Over 750 fixed and mobile destinations available worldwide with a premium high quality
Detailed and customized monthly QoS reporting
Innovative trouble tickets for signaling feature

Best quality at a stable price

Fiber DSL has the ability of providing first class service all over the world by making interconnection agreements with leading Fixed and Mobile telecom operators of the world. Fiber DSL provides Fixed and Mobile Telecom operators, which want to offer high quality service to their customers, and service providers with CLI guaranteed high quality, competitive priced and wholesale voice service.
After the calls from International Fixed or Mobile Telecom operators towards Turkey are carried via internet or international data lines, voice termination terminates them with good quality and stable prices in the lines of Fiber DSL or other fixed or mobile operators in Turkey.
The Prepaid Voice Platform provides carriers with quick access to our voice services, offering international routes to virtually every destination worldwide. High quality and competitive rates enable you to offer a complete premium a-z termination solution to your customers.We support the Prepaid Voice Platform with 24/7 Helpdesk and fault management, to identify and resolve issues quickly.
Fiber DSL offers 3 routes, each with different rates and quality levels
Mobile Hubbing Premium Hubbing Standart Hubbing
Number of Overflows Up to 8 Up to 8 0
Quality Monitoring Permenent Permanent
Capacity monitoring Daily Daily
Direct routing
Clear channel(64 kbps)
Fax G4
Fax G3
PDD Europe < 6 seconds < 9 seconds 50% below bilaterals
DTMF < 8 seconds < 11 seconds No focus
High-performance global network
Fiber DSL has the capacity of making interconnection with TDM/SS7 or VoIP Soft Switch.

IP Interconnect

Fiber DSL Carrier Voice offers state of the art VoIP connectivity over public or private internet, providing the highest quality voice services over IP.

Global Connectivity
Fast Interconnection
Interconnect anywhere in the world, there are no restrictions
Simple procedures
Cost effective

TDM Interconnect

It can make TDM interconnection at the locations which they agree on with the operators, with which the interconnection will be made,

Extensive protocol support
Wide range of call control and signaling protocols, including SS7
High reliability
Cost effective
High performance

Fast Communication

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